This website is intended for health professionals related to the vision of people and has two main objectives, firstly to provide technical information about the products marketed by Tiedra in order to facilitate the professional practice of eye care professionals and secondly to improve the service to our customers, facilitating and allowing the realization of their daily orders of different products and services offered by TIEDRA quickly, conveniently, easily and without waiting, using for this the great advantages that make available to us information technology.

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Company Profile

Tiedra Farmacéutica S.L., hereinafter TIEDRA, is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2003 by members of the TIEDRA family and headquartered in Alcorcón – Madrid (SPAIN). Our company details are as follows:

Pol Urtinsa
CL Pintores, 5
28923 Alcorcón – Madrid – ESPAÑA

Phone. +34 91 643 41 40
CIF. ESB73236952


TIEDRA's mission is to offer the eye professional the best technical service for the adaptation of contact lenses and ocular surface management.

To this end, TIEDRA develops, manufactures and / or markets health products and services with high added value within the field of Contactology and Ocular Surface that help improve the health and care of the visual function of patients, respecting the sustainability of our natural environment.

TIEDRA products include contact lenses, maintenance solutions for contact lenses, health and eye care products as well as diagnostic instruments in optometry cabinets.

The main scope of action of TIEDRA in accordance with our mission is therefore Optics, Ophthalmology and Pharmacy.


The objective of TIEDRA is to offer, in the areas and fields in which it is present, a wide range of categories of synergistic and complementary products that cover the different needs of the person within our scope of action: therapeutic, preventive, self-care and well-being, as well as self-diagnosis, such as (but not limited to) medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, food supplements, dietetics, medicinal plants, homeopathic products, diagnostic instruments, software, electronic products or telecommunications services.

The strategy of the Organization is based on the innovation of products and processes, achieved through leverage in R + D + I activities, as well as in the systematic and intensive use of information technology and telecommunications.


At TIEDRA we foster a work environment based on fundamental values such as talent, enthusiasm, work capacity, flexibility, quality in performance, ethical sense, active competition and winning as a means to achieve the professional fulfillment of our employees.